It has become more common to get a free pass when it comes to cake decorating. I have had friends ask me for a special occasions cake and said to me: “make what ever you want”. Nothing wrong with that, but I do enjoy it more when they ask for what they want with more details and all. It becomes less stressful, I think. My main wish is to please them and for them to completely love the cake.

I throw some ideas around taking into consideration who is getting the cake and the occasion in which they are getting it. Cake flavor and colors are the most I insist on. Most people have a favorite flavor and a favorite color. As time goes by I fall more in love with baking and decorating cakes. I am very blessed!

During this month I made this cakes for different friends with similar ages, both birthdays. Hope you enjoy and feel inspirided to try making some gift box cakes.

Open Gift Box Cake with Tissue Paper
(Chocolate Cake)

Closed Gift Box Cake and a Name Tag
(Vanilla Cake)

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