Thursday, November 3, 2016

Kitchen Basics – Knife Skills #IdahoPotatoCutsClass

Last month I had the privilege of spending a day with a few amazing bloggers and brands in the gorgeous kitchen theater a the Epicurean Hotel. This beautifully organized event had a purpose. To bring influencers and brands (Idaho Potato) together for a full day of learning, eating and fun. It was a very refreshing day. Very different from other events I have attended, which made it very refreshing.

Boss Lock wood cutting board and Boos Lock Mystery Oil and Boos Lock Board Cream / treat your wood cutting board and it will last a very long time / Basic Kitchen Skills - Learn more about your knife skills, chances are you are doing it all wrong. At least I was. / #IdahoPotatoCutsClass at the Epicurean Hotel in Tampa / #SundaySupper / My Sweet Zepol

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Canvas Restaurant & Market

Canvas Restaurant and Market in Lake Nona in the Orlando area / by Wanda Lopez from My Sweet Zepol #foodandtravelblog

Canvas Restaurant and Market is dedicated to tailoring the perfect group dining event to suit your needs, with an ideal setting for intimate private dinners, lively gatherings, social luncheons and corporate events. And if you haven’t guessed it by now, they also have a market corner. It’s beautiful and for sure one of my happy corners in Canvas.

A market inside a restaurant?, yes please! Canvas Restaurant and Market in Lake Nona in the Orlando area / by Wanda Lopez from My Sweet Zepol #foodandtravelblog

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Triple Threat Chocolate Cookies

Baking is one of my love languages. And baking cookies are my favorite kind of baking. Are you a baking addict or do you just enjoy eating the baked goods?

Triple Threat Chocolate Cookies are super addictive, there you go, you've been warned! / recipe by Wanda Lopez - My Sweet Zepol #foodblog

Chocolate is one of those sweets I crave the most after any meal. I am usually looking for different ways to add chocolate to my desserts. Then I came across a chocolate cookie recipe that was pretty good. It just needed a little more, you know, chocolate. That’s where the threat part comes into play. These cookies are extremely addictive, don’t say I didn’t warned you. I know you will enjoy them and will wish you had made more when they are all gone.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Farmers share food with others…

From farm to table, meet local farmers #FarmFoodTour Kansas / by My Sweet Zepol #foodblog

A couple of weeks ago I had the privilege to go on a farm tour around Kansas. On that trip I met a handful of amazing women, (bloggers, dietitians and farmers) and hit the road for a couple of days. We talked about farming, told stories, ate and laughed a lot. By the end of the trip we all knew we where going to miss each other. Amazing things happen on road trips.

Other than cooking and eating, I love hearing and learning about where our food comes from. The source. The farmers; about how they treat their animals, what they feed them and more.

Monday, October 17, 2016

Pan-Grilled Fig and Peppers Pork Galettes

Poultry. One of the decision making of any given day for me and mostly everyone that’s either cooking or eating. Let’s face it, I’m talking about you too. Chicken, fish, beef, pork. Which one to choose. Today I want to share with a story.

Make any night a special one with these Pan-Grilled Fig and Peppers Pork Galettes #PassThePork #realpigfarming recipe by My Sweet Zepol