Friday, April 22, 2016

Container Garden at Home

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While growing you I saw my parents work on the land and plant many vegetables and herbs. My father would leave the house while it was still very dark outside and sell to the farmer’s market vendors. It was hard work, but he enjoyed it a lot. It was a feeling of accomplishment. The vendors waited patiently for his crop to be ready, he had some of the best produce in the area and they all wanted to be the first in line.

Container Garden at Home / Start a veggie, herbs or both garden at home and enjoy the crop with family & friends / #heyletsgrow / #MSZgardens

My parents would also share with our neighbors and family. I remember seeing them share the best ones and I always wondered why. One day my mom said to me; “If you are going to share, give the best you have”. I like to believe I have a giving heart like my parents do.

That’s why during this growing season I wanted to start a home garden in my own backyard. I want to grow vegetables and herbs, not only for us to enjoy in our home, but also to be able to share with our neighbors. Maybe we can make a nice BBQ one beautiful summer evening and eat together. I can see it already!

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Almost no Bake Coconut Cream Pie

Coconut Cream Pie is one my husbands favorite pies. I wanted to surprise him with a coconut cream pie for a long time now. Finally I came up with a great recipe, which I believe is the easiest coconut cream pie to make and that makes me extra happy. I did find a longer recipe that I will try sometime in the future and compare to this one, but for now, this is the one for me!

Coconut Cream Pie / smooth and creamy almost no bake coconut cream pie / by My Sweet Zepol #dessert

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Guava and Cream Rolls

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Guava and Cream Rolls / rolls with a Latina flare / guava and cream cheese are the perfect combination that brings smiles to anyones face / come and found out how easy they are to make / #FusionClean #CollectiveBias ad / by My Sweet Zepol #ColectivaLatina

I cook daily for my family. Two to three times a day. Having a great cleaning product to help me on a daily basis is a most. I trust a good detergent to be my right hand in the kitchen and help me keep it clean as fast and easy as possible. Cooking used to be foreign to me, once I got married and started a family it became a necessity as it does for many families. The firsts dishes I started making were sweets, “dessert first”, as I like to say. I still make dessert first. It makes the cooking process so much enjoyable when you know a nice treat is waiting for you and a great product like Palmolive® Fusion Clean™ is going to back you up during clean up time. Let a detergent you love take control of the cleaning while you enjoy the cooking & eating with family and friends.

I want to share one of my favorite and first desserts, guava and cream rolls. They are perfect for dessert to end any meal, or as a breakfast/brunch dish with a nice cup of coffee. My daughters loves them as a snack with a tall glass of cold milk. Guava and cream are flavors that brings me back to my moms kitchen. She used to make guava and cream cheese pastelillos for the holidays and for parties. My aunts still make them, specially for birthday parties. They just melt in your mouth. My version is very close to cinnamon rolls.

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Sprinkles White Chocolate Chip Soft Cookies

Sprinkles White Chocolate Chip Soft Cookies / melt in your mouth soft cookies that will satisfy every sweet tooth / by My Sweet Zepol

My girls wanted treats for Easter Sunday and cookies was the first “easy kid friendly” treat idea that came to mind. Everyone I know loves cookies and I bet you can name a handful of people that loves cookies too. Cookies comes in a huge variety. Everything from oatmeal, chocolate chips, nuts, dry fruits and sprinkles. I have to admit I love my cookies with chocolate. Everything tastes better with chocolate.

Sprinkles & White Chocolate Chip Soft Cookies / melt in your mouth soft cookies that will satisfy every sweet tooth / by My Sweet Zepol

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Jellybeans Chocolate Bark

The first time I followed a recipe was from Que Rica Vida, a magazine my sister gave me many, many years ago. I still have the magazine. At the time I had a new born and a toddler at home, had left my job years before due to my battle with Cancer, had move from my country and was feeling very homesick. I had started baking a lot and became obsessed with everything baking and decorating related. That first recipe was a bark, it was so easy to make and made my feel like a pro. I felt so confident. I think I made every recipe I found on my way.

Jellybeans Chocolate Bark / easy sweet to make anytime, specially for Easter Sunday / treat your family and friends or give them away as party favors in a treat bag tied with a cute ribbon. / by My Sweet Zepol #HappyEaster