During this month of December we all typically enjoy the company of family and friends while eating good food and drinking something like Eggnog. Since I’m not a fan of Eggnog I would have a glass of wine, coffee, tea or hot cocoa. You may also find yourself being invited over often too. It is a nice compliment to bring with you a gift to the hostess. Or, if you are the hostess, maybe you can give your guests some favors. I know I love to treat my guests with treats (favors) to take home with them. What about cookies?

Every Christmas I make a couple of batches of cookies, buy beautiful tins and give them to those special to me. The best part is that they all look forward to that day. During this month I will be sharing with you some of my favorite cookies to make and (specially) to share with family and friends.


My wish with this series of 31 days of cookies is for you to be inspired to make some cookies and share with your neighbors, friends, co-workers, family, church family, teachers, or just to keep home for any un-expected guests. Cookie dough keeps well in the freezer and you can just pop some in the oven when guests arrive. You can typically find cookie dough in my fridge year round, they work wonders for our home group and youth group meetings. Enjoy a fresh batch every time!

During this series you will also receive some tips about cookie baking, storing and packaging. Presentation is also important. I will love to hear from you too. Please, fell free to send me your cookie requests or just tell me about your favorite cookie. You and your cookie may be the cookie of the day during this series. Get ready to bake, enjoy and share your favorite cookies with those around you!

My prayers are for you to enjoy a very special Holiday Season and share some sweets with others. Someone near you may be needing a treat today!