Those with green thumbs will know just how amazing the garden is. It takes great skill and care to nurse a plant from a dwindling seed to full bloom. In summer, the garden is your sanctuary, and a great place to lounge while you read a book under the sun.

6 ways your garden could be saving you money

However, have you ever thought about using your gardening and DIY skills to earn a little extra money on the side and save on household bills? Here are six ways your garden could actually be saving you money, as well as the planet.

  1. Grow plants and vegetables

We eat vegetables every day, so why do so many people buy them from the supermarket? A much more cost-effective solution is to grow your own vegetables in your garden. It’s great fun, and seeing the effort that goes into growing the food will make you appreciate it more.

6 ways your garden could be saving you money

Best of all, you’ll be reducing the size of your carbon footprint by growing organic products made without pesticides or artificial fertilizers.

  1. Invest in chickens

If you love having omelets for breakfast, then you might benefit from having your very own garden chickens. The initial set up for the cage and chickens is quite pricey, but it’s worth it in the end when you have an abundance of free eggs. Best of all, you’ll have your very own free-range chickens that aren’t cooped up in battery farms.

  1. Keep the kids entertained

Kids are into everything and it can become particularly difficult to keep them entertained for an extended period of time. You might be dreading the next half term, worried about how much the cinema trips and theme park visits are going to cost you. Have you ever considered introducing the kids to gardening? It will keep them intrigued for hours on end and also breed the next generation of sustainable gardeners.

  1. Get into the honey business

If you love a swirl of honey in your porridge or morning coffee, then you might benefit from your very own beehive. Even if you don’t eat it yourself, honey is a very lucrative business and great to get into if you have the skills and equipment.

It’s also a selfless decision for the planet as bees are an essential part of our ecology. 1 in 10 species of bee are facing extinction, so we need to look after them while they’re still here.

6 ways your garden could be saving you money

  1. Homemade compost

If you want plants and trees to flourish, you’ll need fertilizer. However, why would you buy this essential plant food when you can save your money and make your own? It’s also a great idea for the planet; 1/3 of all food produced is wasted and it’s better to compost this waste than to just throw it away.

  1. No need for a gym membership

Gardening requires a lot of physical exercise and it’s much more taxing on the body than you might first think. Why would you spend money on a gym membership, or waste electricity on a treadmill when you could head out to the garden and get digging?

6 ways your garden could be saving you money

Now, share with us, what’s growing in your garden or what’s on your list to grow next?