I guess there is no such thing as a late blog post, so here is one that may seem a little late to some of you, or not, because you see this is a post meant for December 2011. A little overdue, maybe, but still here it goes!

We were invited to a dinner with friends for the night of Christmas Eve. It was a delight for us, because we love spending time with great friends. When I got the invitation I started to think what to get her. I believe in bringing a hostess gift with me when I’m invited over for dinner. It doesn’t have to be something edible, but I did wanted to make my dear friend and hostess something sweet and special.

During the Holiday Season I tend to bake lots of cookies and give them out in pretty packages. I bake for family members, for friends and for teachers too. Trying to change things up a little this year I made some cake pops instead. Still keeping the pretty packaging concept in mind. Take a look at what I made for my friend and other special people for 2011 Holidays. Cake Pops!!!

Like it? I hope more for you, I hope you can feel inspired by it and try giving cake balls or cake pops to dear friends or new friends for any occasion. Make any day of the year a special day with pretty edible gifts like this ones.

I also wanted to surprise my friend by making some cake pops on a stick so she can give them out as favors to all her guests. I made about two dozens and put them over a red kitchen towel inside a basket. Pretty, right? Sadly I didn’t take a picture of the basket, but I did take one of the cake pop. She was very happy when she saw what I had made for her and that I had taken some time aside for her. It really strikes deep inside of me when I can experience how small things like this cake pops can make someone dear to me smile.

I guess that to end this post a Merry Christmas should sound appropriate, even though December of 2011 already past, but here it goes….Happy Holidays 2011 and be inspired for many other holidays to come. Remember all your friends, old and new, and make them something sweet and special. Have a wonderful 2012 year and share with me your sweet projects.

Enjoy and be merry! Happy New Year 2012!!!