Everyone has a battle. Either it’s name is stress, health, depression, teenagers, divorce or even co-workers. Mine has a name, Cancer. We have a love/hate relationship. Why love/hate? Because, having it has made me even more conscious of the precious life is and also has let me know that sometimes I can’t control a situation.

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Health is one of those things that you have no control over. Of course, you can eat healthy food and exercise often, but when it comes to a disease like cancer there is pretty much nothing you can do on your own. Science has been great when it’s detected at an early stage, but other than that only your faith in God is all you can count on.

Seeing back and realizing that it was seven years ago when I was diagnosed and even though the battle continues, it’s a well worth one. My girls keep me going on a daily basis. They are growing up pretty fast, and so am I.

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A day like today one of my big brothers passed away in a tragic accident. I can still remember it like it was yesterday. I remember him constantly and wonder how could things be different with him around. Even though we got to enjoy him after he was all grown up, he was an awesome brother and could light up a room instantly. He was also gorgeous! He passed away at the age of 27 and when I turned that age (not long ago), I cried like I had never cried before. The pain in my heart was like no other. I can still remember calling one of my other big brothers and telling him about my sadness and we talked about our brother for hours. Thank God for big brothers.

You can now see why this post is such a personal note straight from my heart. Most of us have sad stories that have brought us closer to our immediate family. My battle with cancer has made me stronger and a more sensitive woman. The lost of our brother Ruben has brought our other brothers closer. We all miss him deeply.

There is no doubt that battles can hurt, but can also make us stronger.  If you have a story (or a battle) use this space to leave a comment and talk about it. Thanks for reading mine!