It’s a BOY!

A while back, I was asked to make a baby shower cake similar to one that the mom to be had found in the internet. I made some changes to it, because I don’t like to copy designs other artist make. They might not mind, but since I didn’t know the person that came with the original design and can’t give them credit for it, well, it just doesn’t feel right. Thankfully the mom to be wanted the changes as well.

It’s a funny cake and I hope you all enjoy it and feel inspired to try one for your next baby shower cake. Hey, if the person that came up with the design want to post a comment and let us all know who she or he is I will be more than honor to meet you!

The cake was a puerto rican cake, which is basically a cake with a rum flavor by adding a simple syrup with some rum in it. I could be Brandy, Bacardi or any other rum of your choice. This two are always my first choices for this cake.

Now, for the cupcakes, the flavor chosen was cookies and cream and I was so happy about it. I don’t get to do it much, but it’s a great choice for the kids in the party.

The cupcakes had baby foot prints in blue and I found a great cutter for it and made the job a lot easier.

The table put together looked like this: