During the past couple of weeks my family and I have been sad over some bad decision making and that has kept me away from posting. When we are feeling a little blue or under the weather we bake and bake as many cookies, cupcakes or as many sweet desserts as we can come up with. That’s our comfort food. Here is a little sample of what we have been up to lately.

For Valentines Day my oldest daughter surprised me with this heart cookie she decorated herself. It was very sweet of her. Plus, both my girls made drawings for me. Sweet!!!

The girls and I made some cupcakes and used colored sugars and some candies we had around the pantry to give to each other. It’s a way for me to teaching the girls that homemade gifts have a charm to it. They are very fun to make and even better to give away.

Sweet hearts for you to enjoy!

A kiss for you from us!

We baked so many chocolate chip cookies and peanut butter chip cookies that you can’t even imagine. Baking heals our heart and calms our sorrows. Plus, it adds a couple of pounds to our thighs, lol. That’s extra!

Enjoy your baking week or baking weekend. I will be posting again soon with new desserts!