I am a proud mama. My first born is celebrating her birthday today, she just turned 10!!!!

She is also a big fan of peanut butter and for her special day she wanted to bake brownies. We included some tiny peanut butter cups and upgraded the recipe. This became her birthday cake. I still wish to bake her a cake, that I’ll share with you later on another post. She baked the brownies herself. This is the first time she takes care of all the baking process on her own. My baby is growing up!

My wish for my daughter is that her hearts desires comes true. We are all very proud of her and wish her the very best, always. She is a sweetheart!

Thanks for sharing this moment with me and may everyone celebrating their birthday today have a very special day with those they love the most. That’s just what we are doing today with my girl!

Happy Birthday to my Girly Girl!