Babies are one of life’s greatest gifts, at least that is my thought. I have 2 girls, which makes my day much more interesting and happy.

My friend (that is more than a friend to me; she’s a sister) has a little girl that was going to be presented to God. Every time a friend or family member is celebrating a special moment in there life it brings double joy  to me. First because of the celebration and second because I can use it as an excuse to bake. Bake anything from cake to cupcakes, cookies, pie or tart.

I immediately offered to make her a cake. Not just any cake, I wanted to make her a baby dress cake. A christening baby girl dress cake. I was beyond myself of excitement. I really love my family and being able to make them an edible piece of art is awesome. If they not just only love it, but love the way it tastes makes all the work worth even more. It’s a priceless moment!

I want to share with you my piece of art. The Christening Baby Girl Dress Cake.

My wishes to Maria Isabel is for her to grow up to become a very respectful young lady with compassion in her heart to others needs and following Gods teachings with diligence. Big hugs and lots of love from me to her! <3