Monster Cake, yes, you read right. But, it’s not that kind of monster. Keep on reading!

My neighbor and good friend go out quite a lot. Somedays for walking, others for shopping and others just to have breakfast and coffee and some long girl talk. I believe that it keeps us sane to have good friends to talk to and share with.

She has a son that is recovering from a car accident he had a while back. He was in a comma for a long time and now is walking around and being more like himself as time goes by. His mom is very proud of him and so is his family!!!

I personally think he is a very strong guy and he’s doing a great job getting himself out there into the world. Enjoying life once again!

He was about to turn 21 years old; and I wanted to surprise him with a cake. His mom gave me a can of Monster Energy Drink to replicate into a cake, since he likes them so much.

This is what I came up with:

Hope you are all feeling inspired by this cake!

I even had it open for him! hahaha… 🙂

Enjoy some Monster!