Guess who’s going to the Food Blog Forum in Orlando 2012….ME!!!!! It’s taking place in Walt Disney World and starts tomorrow night and goes on til Sunday. Great weekend of very important information for those crazy about food and anxious for sharing with the world! And that is me too!!!

Take a look at how many amazing speakers where having this year! This is the event of the year for sure and I’m going!!!

Not only is an event organized by Jaden Hair of Steamy Kitchen, Julie Deily of The Little Kitchen and Todd and Diane of White on Rice Couple, and the line of speakers goes on including professional bloggers that are willing to share with us how they got to where they are at; isn’t that just amazing. I include myself in the list of those who want to learn how to take their blog to the next level. But it doesn’t stay there, lots of amazing food lovers are attending the seminar as well. Even my family is attending, not the actual seminar but, they get tickets to visit a Disney Park to spend some father/daughters time a great package for the price!

The seminar sessions include: writing, social media strategy, recipe development, food styling, and food photography; plus, there will be several opportunities for peer networking. We are getting together for a group reception at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort and Spa, and  a dessert party in Epcot®, can’t wait and it all starts tomorrow night!

It’s an experience we as a family won’t forget and I’m looking forward to it. Plus, the knowledge I’m taking with me after meeting so many amazing and experienced bloggers. Can’t hardly wait!

I’ll be posting later on the weekend to tell more about it!