This week has been something like a roller coaster. Some plans where made, some appointments where made and many dreams where planed. It seems that when you think your week is perfectly planned out, something unexpectedly happens and turns all the plans upside down. I’m sure this has happened to you too.

The plans for this week included my oldest daughters summer camp on her next school. Middle school is a big deal and we were very happy to find out about a summer camp that was created to help six graders get familiarized with the school and schedule for next school  year. That was an amazing experience for her and for me as a mom too. We are both more at ease and a bit more ready for middle school. Yay!


We also had a major appointment scheduled for the beginning of this week. Our puppy had her spay scheduled. An unexpected phone call came in early that day. It turns out that our puppy had an abnormal blood work results. They couldn’t perform her surgery, if they did spay her that day the risks where too high, she may not wake up from it if they did. We tried the next day, to see if it was something she had eaten.

Some new blood work were performed the very next day. Another phone call came in. It turns out that she had something in her liver that seems to be interfering with its function. I went to pick her up and got some medications that were prescribed. We are to give her those medications for a month and take her in again for more blood work.


This news made me very nervous and sad. We love her dearly and don’t want anything bad happen to her. Dogs are family and our puppy girl is a part of our family.

In our house when we are a bit sad we put everything on God’s hands and then go to a dish that comforts our hearts. Comfort food is the best for the soul. There is this dish I can bake over and over and we just don’t mind having it or ever get tired of having it. It’s our Corn Bread. My father made this recipe many (many) times while we were growing up. I can still see him getting this corn bread recipe ready on cold afternoons in our home in Boston. Those years are very precious to me. My dad baked other sweets as well, but whenever he baked corn bread everything seemed to me ok!

My question to you is; What is your go to dish for those sad days? Any comfort food you make over and over? Or, Do you buy that comfort food that makes your smile come back after a long day (or week)?