Hi there! Just sharing some thoughts with you tonight. I had such a great time, you see is my wedding anniversary. 12 years of great memories and a couple of headaches. lol. My sister/friend became my babysitter for the night. It was a first for her, she had not done this before. I’m so glad she did!

After dinner we went for a walk around the town and saw this giant yogurt cone walking down the street. I told my husband that I wanted a picture with him and we started to run like crazy. It felt like a stalking moment. Sorry giant yogurt!

I had so much fun tonight and I’m just very happy with my husband and wish we spend many more years together and in love. Ok, sounds corny, but true. I’m spoiled and blessed. Don’t believe me? See what my husband did for me, ran a yogurt down the street to take us a picture together. Funny!

Happy anniversary for all those love birds out there and have fun together. Lots of fun!