It’s A Girl!

Last year I had the opportunity to make a baby shower cake for a soon to arrive boy (Baby Butt Cake). The mom-to-be sent me a picture of a baby on its butt over a round cake and I immediately loved it. It was so funny! Sad to say that I don’t have the name of the cake decorator that created the original design and can’t give them credit, but if you know the person send me the name and info and I’ll give credit to whom ever deserves it. Honestly!

Moving on with the girly baby shower cake. Well, another person very dear to me saw the cake I had made and loved it as well. Even though for some is a cruel thing to see a babies butt in the air over a cake, for others is hilarious. I think is funny and cute. Hey, if some people can eat cakes that replicate there dogs or pets a babies butt cake is nothing.

The cake was also a strawberry cake, meaning that it was very pink inside too. In case you haven’t heard; the new sweet thing is to have the inside of the cake itself be either pink or blue to let the guests the sex of the upcoming family member.

Now for the pictures of the baby shower cake:

My goal is to inspire you to bake and decorate cakes that reflect your style and that makes the recipients sweet wishes come true.

Love baby shower cakes. Wish the mom-to-be a great delivery and a healthy and blessed baby girl!