There was a special in a near by craft store for Wilton courses, buy one get one free, and I couldn’t resist. I believe that we keep on learning as life goes on, there is never an ending moment to learning and teaching.

I love making flowers, but don’t know how to make many of them. Yeah! I said it, I don’t know it all. You did read this right, I’m not perfect. Even if you think so… ok…. just kidding.

 The following pictures are from a buttercream basket weaving technique topped with pansies made out of a mix of fondant & gumpaste. Love baskets with flowers, it gives a spring feeling to the environment and what better than made out of cake. We can eat it after admiring it. Yummy!!!

I hope that you get inspired into making flowers or putting fresh flowers in your house. Let the beauty fill your life. Edible or not!