What better excuse than a birthday for a cake…none. A birthday cake petition was of a penguin design and I loved it.

A friend of mine owns a pottery shop and Britney, one of her staff members was celebrating her birthday. It was so thoughtful of her to show how much she appreciates Britney by custom ordering a cake made specially for her. Sweet girl!!!

In my opinion this is the sweetest gesture of caring that a friend can receive on a very special day. I’ve none lots of employers that hasn’t spent time or money on letting their staff know how much they are cared for or appreciated for their hard work. When you own a small business (or a large business) your staff becomes family and it’s nice to let them know that you recognize the time they dedicate to taking care of things around. Specially when you can tell that they do it for more than the paycheck, they do it because they care about you. Think about that for a while and look around. Isn’t it time to recognize someone in your business? Someone special!

Back to Britney, it’s her birthday & this is her cake!!!

I completely love them!!!