Yesterday the 13th was my birthday! Yay!!!

Yes, I can still say my age, I’m a little over 21. LOL!!!

It turns out that the 13th landed on a Wednesday and we have Home Group from church on Wednesdays, so I decided not to tell anyone it was my birthday and surprise them with a cake and some treats. It makes me happier to give than to receive, but don’t get me wrong, this girl loves to get presents. 😉

I didn’t want to put the group in a position where they felt they had to get me something if they knew it was my birthday, so I asked the girls and my hubby not to mention anything.

Here is my prepping photos for the special day!

nutella cheesecake with chocolate cake

Nutella Cream Cheese with Chocolate Cake

Vanilla Almonds

(homemade sweet & nutty treat)

Meringue Cookies in the making

Whipped Meringue

(ready for Meringue Cookies)

Meringue Cookies in an aqua blue swirl

Meringue Cookies

(with an aqua  swirl, one of my favorite colors)

Meringue Cookies with a pink swirl

Meringue Cookies

(with a pink swirl, my other favorite color)

Tomorrow I will post the sweet display I made for my surprise celebration. Surprise for our  Home Group, that is! 😉

Stick around!!!