As mentioned before my birthday was a couple of days ago and my idea this year was to keep it to myself. Since it was on a Wednesday and we had friends from our church (Home Group) over, I wanted to surprise them with my celebration instead. Thought it was sweet. 🙂

I don’t normally bake a cake for myself, but this cake has nutella (a hazelnut spread) and chocolate cake in it. Had it saved for a special occasion, my birthday!

Nutella Cream Cheese and Chocolate CakeFor the favors to give to every single one of our friends before they went home, I made some:

Vanilla nuts and Meringue Cookies in aqua and pink. Girly all the way!

Vanilla Almonds, vanilla nuts

Meringue Cookies with an aqua swirl, Meringue Cookies with a pink swirls, sweet party favors

My little girl gave a birthday present and I started to cry! I’m a real “sucker” mom! Take a look,

birthday note, birthday present to mamma Thank you for joining me on my birthday celebration!

Nutella cream cheese with chocolate cake, party favors, party sign, vanilla almond, meringue cookiesRecipes will be on the next post, during the weekend.