For years now my girls have been asking/begging me for a dog. I have been reluctant for that long because, lets face it, caring for a dog is a lot of responsibility and most of it if not all is going to fall on my shoulders. I wasn’t for it. Or so I said to myself lots of times.

Finally a day to be marked in the calendar came upon us and I said to my husband, “if we find a dog small enough to be around us in the house and fun enough to take care of then that’s our future dog”. And found we did. A friend of mines called me up with a Yorkie her own dog fathered and she had in her house available for us to meet.

Just like my husband had described him to be. A male Yorkie puppy. Only 6 weeks old. Adorable. Why say any more?, take a look and judge for yourself.

This is his first picture in our home, his new home!

This picture is of him sleeping despite the noise of the TV and the girls.

Now, I personally love this picture. He is looking at me as if recognizing our bond. 
I love this baby!

Welcome Home!!!

When it comes to names everyone has it’s own choices. I’m sticking to mine, but I want to know what name would you give this handsome cutie? Leave a comment and I’ll share the chosen name with you!