My daughter spent a couple of weeks at Summer Camp. A couple of weeks of lots of fun. She made some art work, some planting, computer time, took over a blanket and a teddy bear for movie time and many more exciting activities planned out for them.

One of the things that I as a parent like the most of the camp is the time they spend with them as a group and talk about social events that affect them as kids. The topics are kid appropriate and helps them learn from each other while having a teacher to direct them properly without rejecting the kids opinions.

My daughter has been going to Summer Camp in Union Park Neighborhood Center for Families in Orlando Fl, for two years now and I can see her growth, her personality maturing and can see her being more confident with herself and not so shy anymore. I am glad that she is growing up with great teachers!

For that same reason I designed this cake for the last day of camp. Thinking about the environment and the teacher that arranges everything to happen summer after summer. Thanks Mrs. Jackie for being so awesome! I give a shout out for Summer Camp!