At the beginning of this year (2010) one of my favorite stores had in stock items for the kitchen with a pretty cupcake theme. I went crazy looking around for a Cupcake Cookie Jar I had seen in the ad but couldn’t find it in any of the stores around me or online.

About to give up when it came to me the idea of calling one of my big brothers. My sweet brother that lives in New York was in the Connecticut area and went to 2 stores and found me one. He mailed it to me all the way to Florida. I was so excited with it that I decided to hold on to it and save it for the new house.

Yes, we bought a new house and we are very happy in it. But things keep on breaking. Yeah! you probably know by now what my cupcake disaster is all about, take a look and hold your tears back…

I was very sad for days and my daughter was sad for me too, she knows how much I was saving this jar. Preventing for it to break on my family’s hands I didn’t even let them put cookies in it. That’s sad 🙁

Now, I am in the search of a new Cupcake Cookie Jar, if any of you find one send
me the details. Lesson learned, if you own something you really like enjoy it to the fullest, if it ever breaks at least you know that you used it all you could. Save nothing!