Storage cubes are the new storage solution as far as I’m concerned, because they’re great for holding way more than just books and knick knacks, and they don’t take up nearly as much space. Here are 8 creative uses for cube storage bins you can start doing right at home. 

cube storage bin in canvas, white wire, black wire, white plastic and card-boxThere are a whole lot of ways you could be using storage cubes around your home that you’ve likely never thought of before. Here are the best cube storage bin ideas for your home and home office

Every room and organization project is different. Baskets, bins, and boxes are the options that organizing professionals reach for the most when tackling any client’s space and even their own.

cube storage bin in canvas, white wire, black wire, white plastic and card-box


8 Creative Uses for Cube Storage Bins

Bedside Storage

Placing a cube of one or a cube of four openings on either side of your bed will not only look amazing no matter your décor, it’ll also perfectly suit all of your bedside storage needs.

Storage cubes do not look as bulky as regular nightstands, making them a better option for displaying various items. Like books and accessories or holding extra sheets and blankets. You can also put anything on top of the cube, from your reading glasses to a night lamp.

I like to store books, decor like candles, a succulent, charging gadgets and a little decor tray for my jewelry

Office Desk

Placing a flat piece of wood or slab of marble across two storage cube shelving units will give you a desk that’s as attractive as it is practical.

Plus, lots of space to store those folders, notepads, stationery and supplies you don’t need on your desk at all times. 

Under The Bed Storage

Placing these storage units below your mattress turns storing things under the bed into a much more organized system.

This is a great option for kids rooms. Store their toys and keep everything out of site until playtime comes along the next day. 

Media Stand

Using storage cubes as a media stand is a much more minimal way of keeping everything in its place. Who has space for one of those giant entertainment centers, anyways-right?

Our first ever media stand was a dresser we couldn’t keep in our bedroom because of its size. Now we use a cube storage unit large enough to double as a media stand, yet modern enough to align with our decor. It’s modern and clean. 

cube storage bin filled with books, basket, house plant, and home decor items

Storage Bench

If you’ve got an entryway or a mud room where people can stop to take their shoes off, why not use a storage cube unit as a bench? It’s a great way to keep things tidy and have a comfy place to sit. Simply turn on its side, add a cushion to the top, and you’re all set.

Changing Table

Storage cubes make a great changing table in a nursery because they’re able to serve more than one function. That’s just what you need!

When you have no more need for a changing table you can easily convert it to anything else you need at the moment. Like a storage unit for toys or for your kids clothes. 

Carry Everywhere Bin

If you have reading materials that you move from room to room, storing them in a bin together makes it easy to take to your current reading space.

This also applies for art and craft supplies and kneading tools. The possibilities are endless. 

Toy Storage Bin

Cube storage bins are an amazing item to have at home to store kid’s toys. You probably own one already. They make putting the toys away at the end of play time a breeze and your kids will know where to find everything when they want to play again. 

Plus, you won’t have toys laying around the house all the time. It’s a win-win. 

cube storage bin filled with baby - kids clothes, blankets, and towels

Grab 10 of the best things to put on your cube storage bin at home. Let us know, what is your favorite use for cube storage bins? We can’t wait to hear what it is.