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Thanksgiving Craft Ideas for Teenagers filled with glitter and fun

Who would’ve thought Thanksgiving will be here already? It feels like this year flew by, even though we’ve been home during most of it. Maybe that’s why it feels like it flew by. Maybe your kids are also at home doing long distance school (or home-schooled all together) and you are probably working from home as well. A lot of time is being spent at home lately. Today we are going to talk about simple Thanksgiving craft ideas for teenagers. Because teenagers also get bored, especially during this holiday season when large gatherings are not happening. 

Both my girls are very creative and always enjoy having something fun to do during the holidays. We all know our kids multiple electronic devices that can keep them entertained, but this season everyone is craving a more personal connection. That’s why we are talking about craft ideas for kids and teenagers. They need it as much as we do. Customize some fun ideas your teenagers will enjoy. 

Thanksgiving Craft Ideas for Teenagers with beeds and thread

5 Crafts ideas for teenagers to do during Thanksgiving break

  1. Drawing. We have stocked up on craft paper, coloring pencils, and markers. It’s time to take them out and set a craft station for each activity. Drawing is so much fun. One of my girls loves drawing flowers, especially succulents and cactus. The other loves drawing anime characters. 
  2. Watercolor. One of the greatest things about teenagers using watercolor paints is that they will take care of the cleanup all on their own. So no worrying if they make a mess, because they can handle it. Watercolor is one of those activities that entertains kids and teenagers for hours. Some of the projects need to dry a bit before applying a second layer of paint. Teenagers and watercolor projects go so well together. 
  3. DIY door wreaths are a great way to craft with your teenager and decorate your home. We found a lovely gift tissue paper with a gold foil design that looked perfect for the season. Check out how easy it is to make a gift tissue paper wreath here
  4. Grab an old t-shirt and make no-sew handbags. They are super easy to make and you can also get to paint them before assembling. Perfect for weekend with the grandparents, a quick trip to the beach, or when heading out to the market. They are so much fun to make!
  5. During the holidays we always decorate our dinner table with some fun party poppers for the guests. This year try making some yourself. Grab the step by step guide linked below and let your teenagers’ creativity shine through. Don’t forget to fill them with delicious candies or fun small items for the guests to keep. Even if the guests this year are you and your immediate family. It’s all good! 

Thanksgiving Craft Ideas for Teenagers, paint brushes, coloring pencils, scissors, rulers, and more craft tools

Check out some ideas for supplies needed for Thanksgiving crafts for kids. Maybe you’ll find you can use some of these ideas and tweak them a bit for your teenagers. Remember to get them involved in picking the activities. After all, they are the ones that will be crafting. The main goal is not just to keep them entertained, but to give them something fun to do during Thanksgiving. Something they can look back at and enjoy the memories made. 

Share with us, in the comment section below, what are some craft ideas you come up with for your kids and teenagers during Thanksgiving and the holidays. We look forward to hearing all of your ideas!