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No one wants to be bored while staying home safe, try these arts for teens and tweens. They are great to do while homeschooling. Adults loves them too, I know I do!

If your kids are like mine they are bored by now and being very vocal about it. I want to share some arts for teens and tweens to do while homeschooling. One of the girls made the discovery and they are in love with all the designs to choose from. You can click on each image to purchase your kit or go all the way to the end where you will find links for each art. This post contains affiliate links. Isn’t this scenery just breathtaking? It takes us to places we are dreaming on visiting soon, once everything goes back to normal. Because we are praying for “normal” to come back soon. Places like Greece, Venice and somewhere surrounded by water and beauty.

Take a look at some other designs we have ordered as well. Grab yourself a painting kit and share with us your process. Join us during this time and lets paint together while our kids are being home-schooled and we are home-bound. It’s a very therapeutic process too. I’m loving it and I’m actually better at painting than I thought. This could easy turn into my new hobby.

This one is for me, because I love flowers. If you do, please grab one and share with me your art.

Homeschooling and being home while the pandemic is over does not have to be boring. Let’s make some art together.

Get your today, with following links.

  1. Rihe Paint by Numbers Kits Diy Oil Painting for Adults Kids Beginner – Harbor Homes 16 x 20 inch with Brushes and Acrylic Pigment (Without Frame)
  2. Rihe Paint by Numbers Kits DIY Oil Painting for Adults Kids Beginner – Venice 16 x 20 inch with Brushes and Acrylic Pigment (Without Frame)
  3. Rihe DIY Oil Painting Paint by Numbers Kits for Adults Kids Beginner -Flower 16 x 20 inch with Brushes and Acrylic Pigment (Without Frame)

Share with us which one did you choose to purchase!

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