Baby Girl with style, baby converse shoes made out of gum paste.

I don’t even have to say that as soon as I heard the idea for this baby cake I jumped at it. OK, so I did say it! There’s something about me that can’t say no to good cake ideas, it might be that it’s a new challenge.

For this cake I bought a kit to cut out the pieces of the baby shoe that by gluing together properly was going to look great. Well, it didn’t. I’m not saying that the baby shoe made out of this kit is not worth it. What I do wish to express with this opportunity is that the instructions were helpless, that needs to be improved. The shoe was not a converse baby shoe it was a high converse baby shoe. The picture in the package¬† is so blurry that it gives no indication of the real final result.

Making this baby shoe was my mission and I was not going to stay focused on the detail of the bad kit I had just bought, so I moved on to finding a solution. This baby shoe was going to be done and it was going to look amazing. That I did promise myself.

And amazing they looked!!!

I wish to share more pictures with you:

Be inspired to try new things. If something doesn’t work out, please keep in mind the final goal and keep your eyes straight there. Don’t stay focused on the details that are not turning out the way they should. The result might be simpler that you had ever imagined.

I kept on looking for a way to make the baby shoes and found through goggle a template/pattern to make them. I printed the pattern over and over again until I had the size I wanted and started working with it. The best idea ever! Very inexpensive. Just print, cut and trace over the gum paste. Who would’ve thought! Not that the kit was a total waist of thought of money in my case, but for me and for this particular cake that kit was the right tool.

Sometimes a tool that seems right is not. But, keep trying and looking, it’s out there and you’re smart, you’ll find it!

If you want the template let me know I’ll send it your way!