Valentine’s Day is a very special day for those who have a good friend and for those who have a special someone in their lives. I have all of the above. Starting with my husband, my daughters and good friends that have been dear to me for many years. On days like today people tend to give that special person a treat (like chocolates), a card, flowers or even share a nice dinner. My husband and I have decided to spend the day together and enjoy a nice lunch. We love our lunch dates!

As you may know by now, we host a home group from our church on Wednesday nights. The members of our home group are very dear to us too! It feels so good to know someone cares about you, that’s why I made a treat for them. The grown ups are treated with a bag with a Valentine’s Bark Chocolate Treat and the kids with some Fun Dip/Cards candy. Plus, my girls helped me make 2 dozens marshmallows dipped in chocolate and topped them on a paper straw to give them a more elegant and thoughtful look. It’s all about the presentation and the thought you put into things. That’s where the saying, “It’s the thought that counts”, comes into place. Don’t you think?



My wishes to you and all the special people in your life is to have a very special Valentine’s Day filled with joy, laughter and many chocolate treats.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Maybe you can try this Be My Valentine Bark Chocolate Treat and share it with your special Valentine. It’s very easy to make and can be customizable with your favorite chocolate, any color of candy melts and any sprinkles or topping of your choice. Love recipes like this!


Be My Valentine {Bark Chocolate Treat}

(Recipe by Wanda Lopez, My Sweet Zepol)


1 bag (12 oz) Semi Sweet Chocolate Chips

1 bag (10 oz) Pink Candy Melts (I used Limited Edition Raspberry Sherbet Candy Melts)

Valentine Sprinkles


Cover a cookie sheet with some parchment paper (or wax paper). Set aside.

Melt the semi sweet chocolate in 30 minutes intervals in the microwave, mix and heat again for 30 minutes (about two times).

Spread over the parchment paper. Let cool.

Melt the pink candy melts, again in 30 minutes intervals in the microwave, mix and heat again for 30 minutes (about two times). The candy melts I bought were a Limited Edition Raspberry Sherbet, it’s not only a beautiful deep pink, but they also smell wonderful!

Spread over the already dry chocolate layer.

Toss in the sprinkles and cool in the refrigerator for about 30 minutes or until cool enough to cut.

Cut into pieces of your choice. Finally, share with your special Valentine! Enjoy!