The business of making cakes is not an easy one, there are lots of factors around it. Like: the recipe (a good one), the cake design, getting the cake to look just like you and the client expected it to look like and the final and most important one (I would say) is making the client happy.

It can be very overwhelming. Specially if it’s the first time you make that design or that height or have a very humid day outside and things are just not in your favor. Things can go wrong. Well, how else would you learn, right?

Question of the week: Have you ever been stood up? By anyone? A guy? A girl? A friend? A parent? What about a client? Guess who just got stood up? Yes, ME! 🙁

Who ever said there is no crying in baking?

Now, for the learning experience. If you are baking for fun, well be it just that “fun”. But, when you have a passion, most likely you want others to appreciate and respect your work. At least I do. My motto is to make things like if they where for God! and that’s the way I do them. As clean, as delicate and with all the attention to details as I can. Hey, I am not saying that I haven’t gotten at least once a buttercream cake combined with a humid day that has just wanted to fall down everywhere. I live in Florida, for God’s sake. Or a cake that has not been enough for all the guests. Or a cake that got somewhat dry after being in the fridge to chill.

All of those are learning experiences. But, being stood up with a cake has made me sad. I want to send a message to all prospective clients out there: “you are the client and deserve the best product ever; but, please respect the work that others do.”

Getting all the crying and feeling humiliated out of the way! I do want to show you the camouflage cake I came up with. The hat was done ahead of time with a combination of fondant and gum-paste. I wanted it to dry nicely. I used one of my kids cereal plates to get it’s shape and did some stitching work with Wilton’s fondant tools.

Hope you do like it and answer this question for me. Have you ever been stood with a cake in hand? What did you do with the cake? Lucky me, someone wanted the cake and I didn’t end up eating it or drying my tears with it. 🙁