Many of you celebrated Easter Sunday as a holiday filled with eggs, candy and even some bunny impersonators. We in our house do spend time together and give the girls the opportunity of going out and experiencing the looking for hidden colorful eggs filled with candies. Enjoying the end results of who found more eggs, lets just say that we are a very competitive family. 😉

But that is just in the fun of the weekend, the message we as parents wish to sow in our girls is that during that time of year we take some extra time to recognize that God sent his only son to live amongst humans, teach the gospel to many, die in the cross for us and resurrect to be seating with God. That one day, no one knows when He will come back.

A day like Easter Sunday the churches are filled to capacity with those that believe in Jesus and have been taught by their parents or saw the many religious movies that overflow during this season. Either way, for what ever reason they reach out and decide to congregate, I believe that the most beautiful part of it is that the seed has been planted and people believe in the mercy of God.

Let me share with you some of the things we did with the girls during the weekend. First we went to an egg hunt at a local church. Then we went rock climbing. Well, the girls did. For some reason only the kids were climbing and I didn’t dare ask if I could do it. But, can’t wait to try it some time soon. It looked like fun and hard to get to the top too.


Look! She made it to the top….Cool!!!
We had a very exciting weekend with all the activities and meeting up with the family is as much fun too. Plus I’m adding a picture of last years post about Easter Eggs (made with rice krispie treats) about a fun way to keep the kids busy and excited.

My experience with kids is that they love to help out in the kitchen and rice krispie treats are the best way to get this job done.

Hope you had a wonderful weekend and find inspiration in the big picture and love in the details!
May you leave this blog inspired always!!!!