With hearts everywhere for Valentines Day my daughter and I came up with the idea to bake cakes and each of us decorate one. Valentines Cake Throwdown!

I baked two cakes, one round and the other square. I picked the round one, which I believe is the easiest to frost and she was stuck with the square cake. She did pretty good, really!

We ended up using heart cutters and tools that came in an Easy Bake kit my daughter got for Christmas. The kit also came with fondant in powder that is meant to be prepared with some water and I had my daughter mix that together and we used it as well. I normally make my own fondant with marshmallows or in occasions buy Satin Ice fondant, but I have to say that the fondant in the kit came in very handy.

Now, take a look at the cakes and pick your favorite… pick mine, pick mine!!!

Square heart cake (my daughter’s design)

Round heart cake (my design)

It was lots of fun from baking to coming up with a design in paper and to finally see it come together. Plus the family came over for dinner and had lots of cake to eat and take some home too.
But for me the best part of it all was that my daughter felt like she was the greatest cake decorator ever and that is…priceless.
Create memories with your kids from an early age and they’ll cherish them for ever. That’s my goal!