The road trip continues within the Historic Area of Savannah, GA. Today we took the Old Town Trolley Tours, which for me was the best money spent in Savannah (not including the food expenses, those were all worth it). This tour transportation takes you all over the Historic Area and gives you a bit of the history around the many squares in town (24 of them as I recall). Which have unique aspects to it, some have fountains, statues, famous houses and churches. We also enjoyed the humor of our tour lady, she was full of sparkle and fun attitude.There was a saying that the colors had meanings, it had something to do with ghosts.

During our tour we made a stop at the Forsyth Park and had a snack in the park. It was a nice break. We were a bit tired and very hot. But, can I just say that when we finally saw the Forsyth Fountain we got energized (somehow). This place is gorgeous, like magical.

Savannah has many historic landmarks indeed and this post is not going to be one to tell you everything about Savannah, GA. If so we’ll be here all day and I’m sure you have other things to do, right?

My daughter got aboard the photo craze I was in and took many, many pictures. Pictures of everything in her way, but I want to keep this post easy for your eyes and won’t drive you all crazy with all that. That is why the road trip experience is being divided into parts, to ease your reading experience. Hope you all enjoy the journey!

If you wish to know more about this amazing city I suggest you pack up, travel there and make memories with your loved ones, like we did. 😉 But, one thing I do wish for you to take away with you after reading this post is that a road trip is worth every penny and the memories you make with your family is priceless.

We intended to take the Dolphin Magic and take a closer look at those amazing creators, but the weather was against us. It was not only raining, but thundering and lightning. We got a rain check, so this tour is on our to do list for the next time we are in town. That means we are coming back to Savannah!!!!

Since the weather was not letting us move around town freely we decided to head back to the hotel, shower and rest for a while. We had reservation for dinner at Lady & Sons restaurant. A very anticipated moment for me.

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This is the 2nd part of our family road trip. Next, everything we ate in Savannah, Ga. That is going to be a treat that y’all will love. 😉