A birthday is one, if not, the most expected day for any person in the year. Is their special day, and they don’t have to share it with anyone. Not like Mothers day, or Fathers day, or even Christmas; these are days where lots of people are getting presents and attention. A birthday is so personal to just you. Unless you happen to have a twin brother or sister, then that changes things and yes you must share the day. Hey, but what are the odds, right?e

My friends husband from church happened to be celebrating his birthday and she asked me to make the cake. I immediately jumped at the opportunity. You see, he likes Soccer and the cake was asked to be a soccer ball. It was my first soccer ball cake!

With no further ado, here is the cake. Enjoy!

I heard they liked the cake and were very happy with the results. For me is a pleasure to decorate cakes for someones special occasion. Everyone deserves a cake made with the best ingredients possible and decorated with special attention and lots of love. That’s where I come in! Glad to be part of there days! 
Happy Birthday Daniel and may God bless you always!