Ah spring. The season of warmer temperatures and fun picnics. For years I have loved the new flowers coming back from the harsh winter, sipping on fresh lemonade and seeing everyone’s lovely spring street style outfits.

Floral Top with High Waist Jeans and hightop Vans

But if there’s one thing I despise, it’s the awkward and difficult change in my outfits from winter hoodies to all-of-a-sudden floral tops. I would, like many of you, shy away from spring clothes until a few weeks into spring. Yes you read right, a few weeks! Crazy right?

Now, I no longer hide away from spring! I have found an easy way to transition my wardrobe from winter to spring. Start off simple. No need to shower yourself in a bunch of accessories or layers of clothing.

Black dress with jean jacket at hand. Perfect Spring street style outfit.

Another tip is to shorten up. No, not your body but your shirts. Start easing away from long sleeved shirts and reaching for those medium-length to short-length sleeved tops. There’s no need to shy away from graphic tees. I understand these tips may not…”suit your image” but it’s always nice to have at least one in your closet for fun. Below are some outfits that have been put together in the hopes for some inspiration!

Floral black top with a cute jean skirt and a small burgandy velvet backpack bag. Perfect Spring street style outfit.

Grab this pieces and get your Spring street style outfits ready!

Romance Floral Graphic Tee from Charlotte Russe / High-Rise Jeans from Old Navy / Vans White High Ankle Sneakers / Black Ribbed Jersey Dress from H&M / Denim Jacket from H&M / Believe Floral Graphic Tee from Charlotte Russe / Denim Mini-Skirt from H&M / Velvet Mini Backpack Bag from Khol’s

Sprig Street Style Outfits with florals, high-rise jeans, denim mini skirts, denim jackets, jersey dresses, and velvet mini-backpack bags. Read more @ mysweeetzepol.com #fashion #style

Are you already easing into Spring outfits? Let me know what’s your favorite go-to- spring item in the comment section below.