Ah summer; the time for beach visits and coffee hangouts. But for many, it’s also a time of self learning. I myself have taken many online summer classes, either for the purpose of fun learning (currently taking French online oui oui) or for a head start into the upcoming school year (taking Pre-Calc over the summer in order to take Calculus AB next school year). It’s not always easy to stay focused and motivated throughout the summer.

With these studying tips for summer classes it will be much easier to be on top of your game.

4 tips to help you get over the stress of summer classes. / Studying tips for summer classes by mysweetzepol.com

  1. Find a relaxing and calm spot to work at. One amazing perk of taking online classes is the flexibility to work wherever and whenever you can! Finding a calm spot to work is a very important factor in your efforts on the class. That calm, relaxing spot can allow you to focus on the assignments and allow for a stress-free environment. This spot can be at a calm coffee shop (like Starbucks) or in your very own backyard. Wherever it may be, make sure to have internet connection for your laptop!


  1.  Stay on top of your assignments. Staying on top of your assignments may seem like an easy enough task starting the class but it can get harder to manage as the weeks role by. I manage to stay on top of my assignments with alerts/reminders. I set my reminder for every Monday to sit down and work on my classes and plan out assignments/test for the week. Your day doesn’t have to be Monday, but having a plan for the week and setting the necessary alerts for the week makes saying yes to spontaneous activities/trips a little bit easier.


  1. Schedule breaks for fun activities. Summer is meant for hangouts and fun activities, so your school work shouldn’t suffer because of it! Taking breaks have been proven to restore your motivation and can increase productivity when it is time to get back to work.  So don’t be afraid to plan a trip to the beach or a hangout with family and friends once in a while, just plan accordingly!


  1. Always keep the end goal in mind. At the end of the day, it can be very helpful to remind yourself as to why you starting your summer classes in the first place. Whether it was to get ahead or take a fun class, knowing the importance of each class can help you hang in there throughout the summer days.

4 studying tips for summer classes / grab them at mysweetzepol.com #student #tips

How do you stay focused during the summer? Let’s get the conversation started, let me know in the comments below!