Early on when studying for finals and then filling out college applications, I realized just how important organization was and wanted to do my research on the best ways to stay organized. I saw countless videos talking about how amazing the iPad was for school and the multiple ways to stay on track. After more research, I took the jump and got an iPad. Once it arrived, I jumped at the opportunity and got 5 accessories that have truly changed the game. 

Top 5 iPad Accessories for a College Student by My Sweet Zepol

Must-Have Top 5 iPad Accessories 

  1. First and foremost, my iPad. I feel as though this should be obvious but switching to an iPad after years of being a paper-and-pen kind of girl has changed me for the better. Now don’t get me wrong, I still love a good old paper notebook any day but with my new iPad, life has become simpler and healthier for the environment. Being able to have everything I need at the tips of my fingers, from Netflix to planners, has saved both time and money! It is an investment, one I am never going to regret. 
  2. Following up next is my Apple Pencil and iPad case. An Apple pencil makes styling on the iPad incredibly easy and the case I chose gives me the opportunity to make the most out of my iPad. The case I highlight below comes with a Bluetooth magnetic keyboard that is detachable for the days you don’t want to have a keyboard take up space and bother your styling. My hope is to one day be able to rely on my iPad for school without having to bring my heavier laptop. 
  3. Paper Feel Protective Screen. Now this one is a surprising one. I have had my iPad for about a year now and even though the surface is smooth and not difficult to write on, the paper screen just makes everything so much easier. Sliding the document around to write on, making doodles, and even my own handwriting style improved with the feel of the protective screen. It not only protects your screen from scratches but also makes your writing/marks feel more natural. I can slide around my screen without my fingers all of a sudden stopping from the friction. It was a spontaneous purchase and one I am so glad I made. Below I added two options:
    1. PaperLike Protective iPad Screen: https://amzn.to/3ArNoag (more expensive)
    2. Bersem PaperFeel screen: https://amzn.to/3v2RuV1 (more economical)
  4. Goodnotes app is my most useful app hands down! I did a lot of research in regards to which app to get: Goodnotes or Notability. After lots of reviews on which app was more common and loved through Instagram and TikTok, I found Goodnotes to be the winner hands down. It has a one-time purchase of $7.99, cheaper than the Notability app. The latest version is called Goodnotes 5 and once you buy it, you can sync it to any device: iPhone, iPad, and even your laptop to have your notes wherever you go!
  5. Last but definitely not least, my digital Passion Planner. This is my must-have! My absolute go-to for easier living. Having my planner digitally has allowed for easier editing, fewer notebooks to carry, and a true chance to customize without having to spend hours cutting and gluing scrap paper pieces. Passion Planner has a great variety of styles for you to choose from and even offers a FREE digital planner for you to try out!
    1. Use my code PALOMA10 for 10% off any Passion Planner https://passionplanner.com/ 
    2. Or use this link with no code needed! https://bit.ly/3wFtRBb 

Passion Planner digital planner view

Now tell me, what is the top iPad accessory you just can’t live without?

Disclosure some links include affiliate which provides me with a small percentage of any sales. Yay, coffee treat!